Teach-In: Rejuvenate Now: Stem Cells at UC Santa Cruz

Stevenson Room #150

Bio studentJoin us for a special talk by Dr. Lindsay Hinck, Dr. Camilla Forsberg, and Dr. Daniel Kim to learn about how the stem cell research taking place at the Institute for the Biology of Stem Cells (IBSC) at UC Santa Cruz is advancing knowledge to enable cures. Stem cells hold great promise for curing or mitigating the effects of many diseases and injuries. This talk will focus on three areas of stem cell research: breast cancer, blood, and cellular reprogramming. Learn how stem-progenitor cells that regulate breast development are targeted to become breast cancer stem cells, how stem cells decide to become a particular type of mature blood cell and how this process goes wrong to cause disease, and about how noncoding genes are involved in reprogramming cells into a stem cell state and their relevance to cancer.

Lecture Sciences


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